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Digital/app-based insurance policy

This is a new concept for Nepali insurance industry which SAP (Sarathi Agency Pvt. Ltd) aims to provide to its customers. SAP will provide the service through its paid app where the insurance policy h...

Claim settlement

Claim settlement is still a troublesome task for many of the insurance policy holders. At SAP, we work on making this process easier and hassle free for our customers. With the initiation of the custo...

Online payment

The payment of insurance premium is made easier in the app of SAP (MeroBeema), with integration of its app with digital payment portals in Nepal. The customers will be able to pay their first premium...

The founders of ' Sarathi Agency Pvt. Ltd.' (SAP) has well recognized the gap in the insurance industry and the use of technology. A bunch of people having a fair amount of knowledge and experience came together to form a company called 'Sarathi Agency Pvt. Ltd' which now uses a trademark of ' MeroBeema' with the approval from Government of Nepal.

About Sarathi Agency Pvt. Ltd. (SAP)

Sarathi Agency Pvt. started its operation on 19th November 2021 (Mangshir 3, 2078). The company carries a vision to make the insurance information available to each and every possible information. The company is dedicated for providing life, non-life and health insurance in one digital platform.

Our Vision

To built the fair and transparent insurance industry and strengthen the trust in every client.

Our Mission

To provide all life, non-life and health insurance policies in one platform of the company along with creating fair and transparent insurance industry using the web portals, mobile apps and online payment system for the processing of the insurance policies.

Goal and Objectives
  1. To adapt the changing technology in insurance sector and digitalize the insurance along with being the brand for digital insurance.
  2. To facilitate the individual insurance agents by providing unbiased and hassle-free web as well as app service which also allows them to find the best insurance policy that suits them.
  3. To integrate all the insurance companies and major payment systems in one platform of MeroBeema.
Our Core Values

We are responsible in building the loyalty of our customers and ensuring that the satisfaction of their needs is central to everything we do. We encourage innovation to meet the challenges and equally foster the integrity, teamwork, respect and open communication.

About Merobeema

Mero Beema is Nepal’s aggregator and marketplace of insurance products established in 2021. It is an online platform that enables users to compare, analyze and buy life and non-life insurance products. The main motive of Mero Beema is to simplifying the buying process to facilitate product comparisons. The comparative analysis of various insurance policies is based on the price, the quality and the key benefits. This empowers customers with accurate information on insurance products and helps them make informed purchases. The company aim to offer various life Insurances as well as non-Life Insurance policies on its platform.

The company has tied up with insurance companies to procure information, such as price, benefit, insurance cover, etc., directly from them for customers to compare. Based on the information provided, the customer then chooses the best option. It doesn’t charge customers anything for this service.

Mero Beema launched its mobile app in 2021 available for both Android and iOS platforms. Customers can not just search, compare, and buy insurance through the Mero Beema app but also take advantage of interesting features such as insurance premium calculator, instant renewal of insurance policies, claim assistance, insurance news, digital diaries, refer and earn, and more. The mobile app is available for android and ios in respective play store.

Our Services
  1. Information about insurance policies of different insurance companies.
  2. Digital/app-based insurance policy
  3. Online payment of insurance premium
  4. Online payment of renewal insurance premium
  5. Claim settlement
  6. Track of insurance policies through app
Our Services

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Health Insurance

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